It’s Time for AU to Take Decision to Exclude So-Called ‘SADR’, Says Former Comoros FM

It’s Time for AU to Take Decision to Exclude So-Called ‘SADR’, Says Former Comoros FM

Tangier – It’s time for the African Union (AU) to take the decision to exclude the so-called “sadr”, former Foreign Minister of the Comoros Islands, Said Ibrahim El Maceli, said on Saturday in Tangier.

“It’s time for the AU to take strong decisions to exclude this entity and to support the Moroccanness of the Sahara,” the former Comoros top diplomat told MAP news agency, on the sidelines of his participation in the 15th edition of the MEDays Forum.

El Maceli recalled that the pseudo “sadr”, which “is not admitted to any regional or international organization, is a non-state entity that should no longer continue to be a member of the African Union.”

He also emphasized that the Kingdom plays a key role in resolving crises and supporting sustainable development in Africa, commending Morocco’s all-round development dynamic, thanks to the enlightened vision of HM King Mohammed VI. The African continent can benefit from the Kingdom’s experience and achievements to consolidate its march towards progress, he noted.

Referring to the MEDays Forum, the former Comorian minister noted that it is a platform for exchanging views on major issues of interest to the planet, and to Africa in particular, as well as for gaining a better understanding of current and future challenges.

The 15th edition of the MEDays International Forum brings together over 200 high-level speakers, including heads of state and government, political decision-makers, Nobel Prize winners, heads of major international companies and leading international personalities.


Last modified : 18 November 2023

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