Job offer: MTSB (Minimum Technical Security Baseline) Control Owner Service | Rabat (Morocco)

Job title: MTSB (Minimum Technical Security Baseline) Control Owner Service | Rabat (Morocco)


Description: Company: Referenced within many major accounts as an IT service provider, Excel Management Conseil is an IT services company that has existed for more than 10 years. With significant experience in France and Europe, our group EXMC positions itself as a major player in the market for IT engineering service companies. We operate in business, technical and operational areas. Our group has a workforce of more than 300 available and mobile employees. We are structured around Four Poles:

Consulting and Project Management Assistance (MOA, AMOA) dedicated to Banking, Finance, Insurance. Application engineering (Project management of IT projects (MOE), Development engineering, TMA, TRA, etc.) Production and infrastructure (Engineering, Outsourcing Technical Assistance, systems and network architecture, security, cyber security, Digital …) Business Intelligence and BIG DATA (Architecture (Pre-sales/POC/Project Management), Development, Expertise (Hadoop,NoSQL, etc.))

Position:The MTSB Control Owner service will have strong collaboration and an expertise in customer relations to carry out all responsibilities below:

Monitor control scores and assess deviations: monitor the score of the controls and request action plan in case of deviations/drops are observed (critical settings are one of the key points to

follow up),

Follow up of the control’s lifecycle, Participate to controls lifecycle governance (CIS, new techno, obsolescence) and ensure related impacts are correctly covered, Ensure/Follow up evidence delivery and accuracy: evidence and scores provided by operational team, Provide inputs on score details , evidence, measurement, and requirements to MTSBV2 owners team, Follow up exceptions: instruction and validation of the exceptions, follow up of the exceptions, Support on blockers identification, action plans definition and follow up related escalation to enable continuous maintenance.

Required profile :

Project management, Technical expertise on solving problems,

Previous work in security framework (ISO 27001, …) and in one of the following domains:

Access control, AV / Endpoint protection, Web gateway protection, Email gateway protection, Networks, Firewalls, HIPS / HIDS, Mobile, Workstation, Server compute, Databases, Web server compute, Virtualization, Patching, Cryptography, Public cloud, Collaboration and Active director .

Address of our headquarters: 77 rue de Fez Desired personality traits: Seeking novelty Ambition Need for reflection Need for autonomy Involvement at work

Salary :

Location: Rabat

Date: Sat, 20 Apr 2024 05:59:15 GMT

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