Job offer: Personal assistant (M/F) Agadir – Best Profil

Job title: Personal Assistant (M/F) Agadir

Company: Best Profile

Description: Best Profil is recruiting on behalf of its client, a Personal Assistant to the General Director in Agadir with mandatory experience. Position:

Be a relay point between customers and the director and present the company to potential prospects. Forward and filter incoming calls and distribute mail to the appropriate departments. Take care of processing the director’s requests while respecting the imposed deadlines. Manage the calendar of your hierarchy in addition to scheduling appointments and daily meetings. Organize the director’s travel and the papers he must carry. Take notes during meetings, transcribe them and give them to the director. Manage orders for office supplies and track stock if necessary. Create presentations, present professional files and reports to management.

Profile :

Great flexibility and a lot of composure, he is able to quickly find a solution to meet the slightest desire of his employer. Strong knowledge of management procedures and work-related systems. Excellent command of the office pack and common languages, including French and English. Know-how in terms of time management and organization. Prioritizing daily work and managing tasks simultaneously. Notable written and oral communication skills.

Salary :

Location: Agadir

Date: Sat, 08 Jun 2024 05:29:37 GMT

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