Joe Biden blasted for saying America is safer with him as president: ‘Laken Riley would disagree’

President Joe Biden is being blasted online for a post saying, “America is safer today than when I took office.” In a recent post on X, Biden said America under his presidency is much safer than it was under former president Donald Trump’s.

Joe Biden has been blasted for saying America is safer with him as president (Photo by Jim WATSON / AFP)(AFP)

“Last year, the murder rate saw the sharpest decrease in history and violent crime fell to one of the lowest levels in more than 50 years,” Biden wrote.

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A photo he posted alongside this caption reads, “In Trump’s final year as president, murders went up 30% nationwide – the biggest increase in history.”

The social media outrage comes especially after the brutal murder of Laken Rile, a Georgia nursing student who was killed by illegal immigrant Jose Antonio Ibarra. Many in the comment section claimed that criminals under Biden’s presidency are not being arrested and prosecuted.

‘Tell that to Laken Riley’s family’

“I think Laken Riley would disagree,” an X user commented on Biden’s post. “Just because criminals aren’t being arrested and prosecuted it doesn’t mean the crimes aren’t being committed,” another wrote. “If you let criminals go without charging them, does that count as less crime?” one user said, while another wrote, “America is safer? Really? Tell that to Laken Riley. Tell that to all the American citizens who are deąd now because of your open border policies Joe Biden. Shame on you. And her name is “Laken.” Not “Lincoln” like you said during your disastrous SOTU speech last night.”

“No one in the country believes that crime went down since you have been in office, Joe. Your corrupt DAs have simply stopped prosecuting crime,” said one user. “Why did New York bring in the national guard to secure the NYC subway?” said one, while another user wrote, “Tell that to Laken Riley’s family. Tell that to suburban women in Oakland/San Francisco who are too afraid to fill their gas tanks during broad daylight, tell that to business owners who are closing their stores because of high retail theft and threats to their employees.”

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