Joe Biden claims he was vice president during pandemic in bizarre gaffe, netizens say ‘he never knows where he is’

In yet another bizarre gaffe, Joe Biden said on Sunday, May 19, that things got “kinda bad” when he was vice president during the pandemic. However, the pandemic hit three years after the Obama administration left office. Biden finished his term as vice president in January 2017.

Joe Biden claims he was vice president during pandemic in latest gaffe (Photo by ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS / AFP)(AFP)

“When I was vice president, things were kind of bad during the pandemic and what happened was, Barack said to me, ‘Go to Detroit! Help fix it,’” the president, 81, said during a campaign event with the NAACP.

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He added, “Well, the poor mayor he’s spent more time with me than he ever thought he’s gonna have to!”

‘He never knows where he is or what he’s doing’

The video of his latest gaffe is viral on social media. Many X users flocked to the comment section of the above video, with one of them saying, “Anyone who still supports this clown needs to be institutionalized.” “Please, GOD, make him stop…,” one user wrote, while another said, “There’s no way this man runs against Trump in November, there’s just no way this is really going to happen… They gotta have a backup plan, right?” “He never knows where he is or what he’s doing…,” one said. Another user wrote, “Was there no teleprompter? Does he realize the pandemic began in 2020?”

“Thank God he blinked. The earlier video was worrying as he didn’t give his eyes any rest at all,” one user wrote, while another said, “This has gotten out of control. Even Joe’s staunch supporters must admit he’s too far gone.” “Omgosh, he’s telling another whopper. Will it ever stop?” one user said. Another wrote, “What pandemic was that? A secret one we didn’t know about?” “He prolly talking about the swine flu pandemic. Hopefully that it is because this a good one if it isn’t,” one user said.

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