Justice Pronounced: The “Predator of El Jadida” Behind Bars for Two Decades

The El Jadida Court of Appeal handed down a harsh sentence on Tuesday evening against the former president of a sports association, commonly known as the “El Jadida predator”, sentencing him to twenty years in prison. .

The “Predator of El Jadida” and his Double Game

Local media gave him the sinister nickname of “El Jadida Predator”. Occupying the position of president within a sports association in Casablanca, he used this cover to attract his victims while evading the vigilance of the authorities. Today, the El Jadida Court of Appeal found him guilty of “trafficking in human beings and indecent assault”, imposing a sentence of twenty years in prison.

The Flagrant Crime on the Summer Beach

The man was apprehended in the act of hijacking minors on a city beach during the summer season. Under the aegis of his association, he organized an outing with around fifteen boys, all under the age of 16.

During the trial, where several children’s rights associations were present, the defendant denied the accusations against him. However, a video revealing his wrongdoing has brought this matter to light.

Complaints and Justice

Following this revelation, several parents of victims filed complaints, supported by associations defending children’s rights. The verdict handed down on Tuesday echoes his indictment and pre-trial detention previously pronounced. The sentence, in accordance with the prosecution’s requisitions, is accompanied by compensation for the victims, amounting to 50,000 dirhams.

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