‘Kanye tried to tell everyone’: Candace Owens endorses theory why Diddy is not in jail despite triggering hotel video

Conservative political commentator and author Candace Owens supported Kanye West’s old conspiracy theory about Diddy, associating it as the reason why he still hasn’t been imprisoned despite all sorts of allegations of assault and trafficking against him.

Candace Owens pushes for Kanye West’s conspiracy theory addressing Diddy’s alleged deep connections with federal agencies.

Merely hours ago, a disturbing surveillance video from 2016 resurfaced online, seemingly corroborating his ex-girlfriend Cassie Ventura’s lawsuit against Combs, replete with complaints of physical assault and emotional abuse. The triggering video features the disgraced hip-hop mogul assaulting, kicking and dragging his then-partner in a hotel hallway.

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Since CNN broke the news, the video has inevitably gone viral, with many standing by Cassie, proclaiming their unwavering support for all possible and alleged victims of Diddy’s brutal misdemeanours.

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Celebrities, including rapper 50 Cent, who’s long been vocal about his disdain for Combs, took to social media to react to the Bad Boy For Life’s vicious onslaughts. Nothing could’ve prepared anyone for everything captured in the compiled video, shot from multiple angles. The Internet is packed with all kinds of speculations as to why it took eight years for this proof to see the light of the day, especially with Cassie’s now-settled November 2023 lawsuit also alleging “Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs paid $50,000 to obtain hotel surveillance footage of a physical altercation between them in 2016.”

Like nearly everybody else, Owens also hopped on the bandwagon to take shots at Diddy. Taking to her X/Twitter profile, the commentator dipped her feet in the trending conversation online, citing an unflinching take on the matter, previously foregrounded by Kanye West in 2021.

Candance Owens supports Kanye West’s conspiracy theory about Diddy

Owen shared the video first provided by CNN on her X/Twitter feed, and tweeted: “He’s not in jail because he’s a FED/CIA asset. Kanye tried to tell everyone.”

Earlier in March, federal agents raided Diddy’s Miami and Los Angeles mansions, furthering the sex trafficking investigation. Since then, successive reports about his dirty ties – tasking people on the payroll to transport drugs from him, sex solicitation, sexual assault, sex trafficking and whatnot – have emerged. However, as the rapper persistently maintains his ostentatious “innocent” distance from it all, he’s somehow stayed put and kept the law’s clutches at arm’s length.

Owens endorsed Ye’s previous claims about Didd being seemingly shielded by federal agencies, resulting in his ongoing bout of freedom despite such heavy accusations riding on his back.

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In 2021, West iterated this sentiment in an Instagram post. Posting a screenshot of his virtual conversations with Diddy in which the Bad Boy asked for his address, Ye flaunted his response to Combs. “N**ga f*ck you… You Fed,” he wrote.

West stood by his remarks as he once again accused Diddy of sharing some possible connections with federal agents during a 2022 appearance on the Drink Champs podcast. Ye told the hosts: “The reason why you gotta talk is because you did a deal, you f*cking fed.”

Back then, West alluded to a crossfire with Diddy, wherein the latter attempted to drag the Vultures artists through legal hell. TMZ also stated that Kanye “had no interest” in being involved with Diddy on any level. Although his conspiracy theory about Combs has yet to be proven, growing speculations around all alleged mishaps centred around Diddy are giving into any and every kind of consideration at this point, weighing out reasons as to what could be holding the authorities back from apprehending him.

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