Knife Attack on a Police Officer: Three Suspects Arrested in Asilah

Three individuals were apprehended by Asilah police in the early hours of Thursday April 18, following a stabbing attack on a police officer on duty. The suspects are suspected of drug trafficking and serious assault.

The incident took place at a checkpoint at the entrance to the city, where police officers intercepted an individual wanted on drug charges. During the search, the latter’s brother, who was present in a vehicle, attacked a police inspector with a knife.

The police intervened quickly to control the attackers and secure the area. The weapon used in the attack was seized and the injured police officer was rushed to the Mohammed V hospital in Tangier to receive treatment.

The three suspects were detained pending ongoing legal proceedings. Authorities are currently carrying out investigations to determine the exact circumstances of the incident and the motivations of the attackers, in order to bring them to justice for their criminal acts.

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