“Lalla Laaroussa” Getting ready for its 18th Edition

The famous show “Lalla Laaroussa” is preparing for an exciting new season, retaining its emblematic artistic team. The production company announced preparations for the 18th edition of the program, scheduled to be broadcast on Channel One soon.

Preparations are well underway for this highly anticipated edition. Recruitment of participants for the new competition is already underway, with an active search for promising talent for this season. The post-Ramadan period will mark the start of filming, promising strong and moving moments.

In a decision which demonstrates their confidence in the team in place, the producers confirmed the maintenance of the artistic team which contributed to the success of previous seasons. Notably, actress Dounia Boutazout will take over the reins of animation for the third consecutive year, demonstrating her commitment to the program.

Adjustments and innovations are also expected for this new season. Changes are planned in the show’s sections as well as in the selection criteria for participants and guests. The objective remains to guarantee the continued success of this flagship show, which has captivated a large audience across the country.

Remember that the previous season of “Lalla Laaroussa” was marked by the victory of the representatives of the city of Casablanca, attracting remarkable audiences throughout its broadcast on the first channel. The new season promises new emotions and unforgettable moments for viewers, thus confirming its place among the most popular programs in the country.

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