Lentil Prices Soar Amid Citizen Outrage

The continued rise in lentil prices in Morocco is causing outrage and discontent among citizens. This sentiment is especially strong given the increased demand for this product during the winter season.

Lentil Market Trends

The prices of “lentils” have recently seen a sharp increase in national markets. The local price of the product exceeded 30 dirhams per kilogram in installment payments, while the price of imports reached 25 dirhams.

Reactions from Citizens

A number of citizens, particularly those with modest incomes, are expressing concern over the rising prices of lentils, which were among the cheapest legumes in Morocco. Others also complain about successive price increases for other basic necessities.

Factors of Price Rise

Some wholesalers explain that the increase in lentil prices on the markets is mainly due to the low rainfall recorded during last season in Morocco. This contributed to the decline in agricultural production of this commodity.

Decline in Agricultural Production

These wholesalers point out that one hectare of crop produced around 15 quintals in previous years, but this year the production has fallen to only 8 quintals.

Illegal Practices and Smuggling

On the other hand, some highlight the illegal practices of “shnaga” in national markets, noting that these play a major role in increasing the prices of basic foodstuffs that citizens consume during this period. ‘year.

Call to Strengthen Market Surveillance

The same traders insist on the need to strengthen weekly surveillance in commercial markets to limit the exploitation and impoverishment of Moroccans by these illegal actors, speculators and monopolizers, who raise prices and harm purchasing power. citizens.

Future Outlook

Despite stated government efforts to curb soaring prices and contain the specter of inflation, with growth projected to reach 3.7% according to the 2024 finance bill, all indications suggest that the threat of the price increase will persist over the next year. This is a view expressed by many opinions and analyses.

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