Logan Paul refutes claim PRIME drinks contain ‘forever chemicals’; ‘We’ll accept an apology’

Created by famed content creators Logan Paul and KSI, Prime Hydration has recently come under fire for allegedly containing harmful levels of PFAS or “forever chemicals.” In 2023, the Milberg law firm filed a class action suit on behalf of Elizabeth Castillo and other US consumers of Prime drinks against Paul’s company. However, the 29-year-old influencer has shut down these claims, citing “no evidence.”

Logan Paul hits back at claim ‘forever chemicals’ found in Prime Drink

Logan Paul addresses claims Prime drinks contain ‘forever chemicals’

On Wednesday, Paul posted a TikTok video to address the lawsuit and viral videos criticising his company. “First off, anyone can sue anyone at any time that does not make the lawsuit true,” he said, adding, “And in this case, it is not… one person conducted a random study and has provided zero evidence to substantiate any of their claims,” per USA Today.

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The WWE star continued, “So in this case, they’re not talking about the actual drink, the liquid PRIME. They’re talking about the bottle that PRIME is manufactured in.” “This isn’t a rinky dink operation. We use the top bottle manufacturers in the United States, all of your favourite beverage brands: Coke, Pepsi, Tropicana, Dr Pepper; they use these companies,” he added.

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“Accordingly, we follow title 21, the Code of Regulations for PET and all other types of bottles. The products are manufactured by our company in a manner compliant with all pertinent and current good manufacturing practices by the United States Food and Drug Administration. All of our suppliers use GMP facilities,” Paul said.

His statement didn’t finish there as he continued to threaten those who spread such baseless claims to sue for libel. “So Tommy, the TikTok lawyer, four videos in man form those views, get those likes, and get a haircut while you’re at it. We’ll accept an apology within the next 48 hours. Otherwise, you’re gonna be representing yourself in a miserable courtroom for lying about our brand,” Paul said, per Marca.

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