Marrakech in turmoil: An impressive sinkhole raises alarm after recent rainfall

Recent rainfall in Marrakech has left behind an alarming sight: a huge sinkhole has formed in the heart of the city, causing panic among residents.

Yesterday, the intense downpours that fell on the region caused the sudden appearance of a colossal sinkhole in the Maâti Allah district, within the residential area of ​​Al-Mhamid in Marrakech.

The impressive size of this chasm has aroused concern among citizens and road users, who point the finger at local authorities for their lack of vigilance.

Criticism is rife against officials and elected officials, accused of negligence in the maintenance and monitoring of road infrastructure. For many, this gaping opening in the middle of the roadway is blatant proof of dysfunctions in the planning and execution of the work.

Amid growing mistrust, residents fear that other sections of the same road could also be affected by construction defects, putting public safety at risk, particularly during future rainfall.

Faced with this alarming situation, many citizens and experts are calling for the immediate opening of an in-depth investigation to identify responsibilities and take urgent corrective measures to avoid further disasters.

The formation of this monster sinkhole in Marrakech raises essential questions about the management of urban infrastructure and recalls the crucial importance of surveillance and maintenance of roads to ensure the safety of citizens.

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