McDonald’s discreetly adds 2 new McCrispy sandwiches to its US menu, here’s what to know

McDonald’s crispy chicken sandwich has long been in demand, even before the company renamed it to McCrispy in 2021. Now the fans of the OG chicken sandwiches and spice lovers will have two more McCrispy options to choose from. The fast food giant discreetly added the Bacon Cajun Ranch McCrispy and Bacon Cajun Ranch Deluxe McCrispy to its menu in the US.

McDonald’s announces two new variants of McCrispy sandwiches(McDonald’s)

McDonald’s announces new Cajun McCrispy sandwiches

In a statement released Tuesday, the fast food chain unveiled its latest offerings inspired by soul food flavours of the South. McDonald’s added that the new variants will be available for a limited-time at participating restaurants only. The company begins selling the new McCrispy variants on Monday, April 22, till supplies last.

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“It’s called the McCrispy : McDonald’s southern-style fried chicken sandwich featuring our flavorful, juicy chicken fillet with that signature crunch fans love. IYKYK,” the statement began.

Where to get the new McCrispy sandwiches?

“And while fans can get their OG McCrispy fix year-round, those craving an extra kick can try our new limited time offer, the Bacon Cajun Ranch McCrispy, starting April 22 at participating restaurants nationwide while supplies last,” it added.

McDonald’s describes the new soul food-inspired McCrispy sandwiches as- “The Bacon Cajun Ranch McCrispy is inspired by soul food flavors of the South, with a bold, creamy and spicy Cajun ranch sauce, applewood smoked bacon and crisp crinkle cut pickles, all served on a warm toasted potato roll.”

“It’s the spiced-up touch the OG McCrispy didn’t even know it needed. Want to dress it up even more? Make it a Bacon Cajun Ranch Deluxe McCrispy with Roma tomatoes and shredded lettuce,” the statement added.

Recent McDonald’s menu additions

McDonald’s often announces new additions and changes to its beloved fast-food menu. In February, the company revealed that the iconic Shamrock Shake and OREO Shamrock McFlurry were making a return for a limited period. A month before that, it announced the “glow up” of its beloved Double Big Mac, saying, “McDonald’s legendary Big Mac is getting bigger in 2024…and we have the official scoop.”

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