McDonald’s introduces new summer punch in Indonesia, fans ‘hope this makes its way to America’

American fast-food giant McDonald’s has created yet another summer fascination for its fans with the release of a new social media sensation that is taking over.

McDonald’s takes the classic McFloat to new heights with McFloat blast(Instagram/snackolator)

The McFloat, the ever-popular classic, has been a fan favourite for years, and there are so many TikTok videos where people post various ways of ordering this fizzy drink, a Coke Float.

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As the temperatures rise, so does the craving for cool, refreshing treats, and McDonald’s has tapped into this seasonal demand with an innovative twist on their iconic McFloat.

This latest iteration, dubbed the McFloat Blast, is currently making waves in Indonesia and has fast-food enthusiasts buzzing with anticipation.

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What is McFloat Blast?

The McFloat Blast elevates the traditional float by incorporating a burst of fruity flavours. Customers can now customize their McFloats by choosing a base soda—be it Coke, Sprite, or any other preferred option—and then adding a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream.

To top it off, a flavour blast of mango, strawberry, or sakura can be added, and voilà-enjoy the vibrant taste of summer.

This McFloat Blast started as a TikTok trend, following the huge demand the American fast food giant introduced it in their menu.

@snackolator, a fast-blogger wrote on Instagram, “With all the summer drink releases, I’m gonna need these new McFloat Blasts from McDonald’s to come to the states – they have taken the already needed McFloat and made it perfect for the summer!”

“Now in Indonesia, you can get McFloats with a fruity blast. You can start with your favorite soda (Coke, Sprite, etc) and then add some vanilla ice cream and give it a flavor blast of mango, strawberry, or sakura. It’s what Sonic is already doing and McDonald’s has the capability to do.”

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“I’d love to have these for the summer – a Sprite McFloat with strawberry sounds pretty awesome to me,” the blogger said, pondering the possibilities of this refreshing concoction.

“What McFloat Blast combo would you order if they came to the states?”

McFloat Blast has sparked a flurry of responses from eager customers

One hopeful fan remarked, “I hope this makes its way to America. I want that mango sprite.”

“Wondering if the shake machine breaks down as often outside of the US,” another user wrote.

“The reason why my marriage was saved from divorce and ever since then we are very close and in love like never before,” one witty user wrote.

McD also introduced McFloat Blast offer, “Enjoy the NEW Sweet Corn McShaker Fries with a Medium Coke McFloat for only ₱109! Keep it cool and keep it sweet this summer.”

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Recetnly, McDonald’s has also captured the attention of the international market with its delectable collaboration with Lotus Biscoff. This partnership has resulted in a mouthwatering creation that combines the rich, caramelized flavor of Lotus Biscoff cookies with McDonald’s signature offerings.

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