Meghan Markle ‘strides off’ from Prince Harry in LA, body language expert reveals ‘it could be a sign that…’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were spotted after their much talked about trip to Nigeria. They were seen returning to Los Angeles amid news that The Archewell Foundation is allegedly behind on paying some legal fees. A representative of the organisation has dismissed the claims.

Meghan Markle was seen ‘striding off’ from Prince Harry in LA (AP Photo/Sunday Alamba)(AP)

Meghan was spotted walking ahead of Harry after arriving in California, with body language expert Judi James observing that it could be a sign that she is the one taking control of the situation. “Harry’s shoulders look slumped and he walks alone, wearing what looks like a mouth clamp gesture. Meghan looks much more like the one taking care of business,” James told The Mirror.

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“In Nigeria the couple were perma-linked, walking hand in hand and side by side, but here she strides off, ahead to climb into the car while Harry packs his bag in the boot, with her phone held aloft as though taking a call,” James added.

Meghan was seen wearing a long, brown jacket and a pair of white trousers. She donned a pair of nude, pointed flats, carrying her sunglasses and phone in her hand. A gold watch shone on her wrist.

Harry walked behind his wife, wearing a grey button up with a black suit jacket. He also donned a pair of dark trousers.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Nigeria tour called a ‘farce’

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Nigeria trip received a lot of criticism, with Mail on Sunday Editor at Large Charlotte Griffiths branding it a “farce” and a “fake royal tour.” “They’re cosplaying how to be royal and it was also a fashion show, as far as I can tell,” Griffiths said.

“There was one event where Meghan changed halfway through the event. She just rushed off to a side door to change,” Griffiths added. “She’s wearing an outfit that costs around £3000, in Nigeria, where there is a lot of poverty. It’s just a farce. But at least it has given us some laughs because that clip of them staring straight ahead during the national anthem is just hilarious.”

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