Meghan Markle’s diamond cross necklace, allegedly from Princess Diana’s collection, under scrutiny after Nigeria visit

Meghan Markle made some pleasingly startling fashion transformations during her and Prince Harry’s “quasi-royal” trip to Nigeria. Embracing her Nigerian roots, she switched to a more vibrant and dynamic colour palette for her attires. Beyond those changes, she also drew attention with an eye-catching piece of jewellery, allegedly picked from her mother-in-law’s collection.

Meghan Markle watches her husband Prince Harry play in an exhibition sitting volleyball match, in Abuja, Nigeria, Saturday, May 11, 2024. Prince Harry and his wife Meghan are in Nigeria to champion the Invictus Games, which he founded to aid the rehabilitation of wounded and sick servicemembers and veterans. (AP Photo/Sunday Alamba)(AP)

Nevertheless, the head-turning diamond cross necklace worn by the Suits alum is now under severe scrutiny from royal insiders who paint a different picture altogether.

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Markle chose the necklace for a reception in Abuja, where she and the Duke of Sussex familiarised themselves with a gathering of military families. According to Page Six, the never-seen-before delicate diamond cross that shone particularly bright on Markle’s neck in the sun was a gift from her husband, who, in turn presumably, obtained it through Princess Diana’s bequeathal.

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Meghan Markle’s diamond cross necklace becomes the subject of royal intrigue

A source close to the Sussex couple told Page Six, “Diana remains a prominent force in Harry’s life and as a result, Meghan’s.” They also suggested that a lot of Prince Harry’s work was inspired by Princess Diana, who continues to be an influential guiding force in his life.

The insider affirmed the necklace’s “meaningful” presence in their lives as “a gift to [Harry’s] wife.

In addition to sporting the diamond necklace, allegedly from Princess Diana’s collection, the Dutchess previously flaunted one of Diana’s favourites, the butterfly motif earrings, in 2018. Among other treasures from her mother-in-law, Markle reportedly also wore an aquamarine ring that Diana displayed post-divorce on her way to her wedding reception. The frequently worn tennis bracelet by Princess Diana was spotted on Markle’s wrist during her controversial interview with Oprah Winfrey.

While there have been numerous instances of Meghan owning her fashionable looks by pairing them with Diana’s jewels, her cross necklace choice has been lost on royal enthusiasts. A London socialite acquainted with Markle told the media outlet, “Meghan likes to curate her jewellery to tell a certain story… I find it hard to believe that she’s been sitting on this necklace for 5 years.”

Moreover, the late Princess Diana was never spotted wearing the necklace in public. An insider who closely worked with her in the old days, claimed, “No – I didn’t recognise this at all.” They further added, “Diana was ever the professional and she generally avoided wearing religious motifs of any kind because they have the potential to offend people, so she would never usually wear such a thing.”

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Princess Diana pictured wearing cross necklaces

However, she was, in fact, pictured wearing cross necklaces in public, but just twice. She reportedly wore her own cross only once at a public event, when she visited HIV-positive children in Sao Paolo, Brazil, in 1991. She eventually donated the gold cross necklace for a charity auction, which took place in September 1997. Ultimately, an Australian collector reportedly bagged it after 20 years for an undisclosed amount.

The other time, she wore the Attallah Cross on a long pearl chain for a London charity event in London 1987. This large fashion statement was borrowed from a friend, businessman Naim Attalah. The royal family’s longtime jeweller, Garrard, crafted the extraordinary pendant in the 1920s. It is made of square-cut amethysts surrounded by circular diamonds.

While Diana’s friend bought it in the 1980s, the cross later went up for auction in January 2023. Kim Kardashian reportedly outbid everyone to win the pendant for a whopping price of $197,453.

Meghan’s cross necklace, which was allegedly owned by her mother-in-law, is not the only mysterious gem in the lot. The details of Princess Diana’s entire collection have been quite hush-hush. As she passed away in 1997, her will passed on her money, around $34 million before taxes, to her sons. Additionally, three-quarters of her possessions were also bequeathed to them. The remaining one-quarter of the share was passed on to her godchildren.

However, the will was later modified upon the revelation of a “letter of wishes” in 2002. With her butler Paul Burrell accused of stealing a consequential number of possessions from her apartment, his attorney presented Diana’s wishes, addressed to the executors. This development granted her godchildren ownership of one memento each. in turn, her sons, William and Harry received all her jewellery.

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