Ministry of Tourism: No subsidy or financial assistance granted to “Ryanair”

The Ministry of Tourism, Crafts, Social and Solidarity Economy recently clarified rumors surrounding financial support for the airline Ryanair for its domestic flights in Morocco. In an official statement, the Ministry categorically denied the granting of any subsidy or financial assistance to Ryanair for this purpose.

According to the Ministry, this clarification comes in response to widespread speculation in the media concerning possible financial support granted to Ryanair by the Moroccan National Tourism Office. The statement highlighted that no funds have been allocated to Ryanair for its domestic flight operations, and this has been stated from the outset and will remain so.

The partnership between Ryanair and the Moroccan authorities is rather focused on integration and complementarity, without causing direct competition with national carriers. Flights offered by Ryanair, such as Tangier-Essaouira, Oujda-Marrakech and Fez-Agadir, have been touted as key contributors to strengthening regional connections and boosting domestic tourism.

Furthermore, the Ministry highlighted Ryanair’s efforts to resolve issues related to foreign currency transactions for its domestic flights, while confirming its commitment to providing services in dirhams to Moroccan citizens.

These statements come in a context where tourism in Morocco is experiencing notable growth, with a record 14.5 million tourists in 2023. This underlines the crucial importance of strengthening air transport capacity to meet the sector’s ambitious objectives. Moroccan tourist.

The Ministry also recalled the importance of supporting national and international airlines, highlighting the agreement concluded between the Moroccan government and Royal Air Maroc to increase the latter’s fleet to 200 aircraft by 2037. This initiative is considered a vital means to stimulate the expansion and development of the aviation sector in Morocco, with a view to meeting the growing needs of the global tourism market.

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