Miracles happen! Rodeo star Spencer Wright’s son wakes up after being declared brain dead; ‘My baby is so tough’

Rodeo star Spencer Wright’s son was declared brain dead after he was hospitalised following a tragic incident in Utah. The three-year-old drove his toy tractor into a river, prompting rescue teams to launch a search operation. 

Rodeo star Spencer Wright’s son was declared brain dead after he was hospitalised following a tragic incident in Utah.(Mindy Sue Clark/FB)

While Levi’s parents were hoping for a miracle, their close friend provided initial details about his situation. Now, a hopeful update on his condition has been shared by his mother, just two days after the family assumed they had lost him, stating that they planned to “stop care and hold him close until his last breath on Earth.”

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“LEVI WOKE UP!” Wright’s wife, Kallie, said in a Facebook post after midnight on Friday.

“I am shook, we don’t know much but the doctor said it was okay for me to get excited about that and I AM! My baby is so tough! He got a little wild so we had to settle him down again but my heart!” she wrote.

The development comes after Wright’s family lost all their hopes. However, a doctor told them that they need to give their son some more time, stated family friend Mindy Sue Clark.

Reacting to Kallie’s post, Clark wrote: “MIRACLES!!!!!!!!”

“ETA – because people have been asking for clarification, he opened his eyes and tried to lift his head. The nurse was in the room and they were telling him how much he loves excavators, and wouldn’t you know it, there he was!” she added.

In another post, she shared a story about Steeley, Kallie and Spencer’s daughter, as she wanted to FaceTime mom and dad to see her brother Levi.

“I am in awe of God’s work, and how tough Levi is! These are nothing short of miracles! What an amazing gift to witness this in real time,” she wrote.

Kallie thanks rescue teams for evacuating her son

In a post on Facebook, Clark informed that Levi’s heart is pumping normally, but his little brain has been without oxygen for too long, and there is no way to recover.

They family members cuddled him all night as they felt his “spirit is no longer with us”, she said.

Later in a post on Thursday, Kallie thanked the rescue teams for evacuating the little child out of the river.

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“To whoever decided to spend close to an hour reviving him and not giving up. I’d hug you if I could,” she wrote.

“The water was up to my chest and I don’t know if I could have known what to do if I did find him,” the mother added, explaining the stressful scenario.

In 2023, ProRodeo ranked Spencer Wright, who hails from a long line of notable cowboys, at 35th position in the world.

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