Mobile plans: win by inwi wins the title of “Product of the Year” 2024

The “win by inwi” brand, entirely digital and owned by the global operator inwi, was honored with the title of “Product of the Year 2024” in the “Mobile Plans” category for the second year in a row.

Innovation and Digital Transformation

This recognition reaffirms the excellence of “win by inwi” in terms of innovation and digital transformation, thus illustrating its continuous efforts to provide an exceptional customer experience, declares inwi in an official press release.

Excellence Award

Each year, the “Product of the Year” award recognizes, through a prestigious label, brands that anticipate the constant evolution of consumer needs by offering innovative and practical products and services.

Redefinition of Standards

Since its launch, “win by inwi” has redefined industry standards by offering an intuitive and personalized experience through its mobile application and website equipped with the most advanced technologies. Thus, customers can now create their ideal package in a few clicks, adapted to their call and internet needs.

Adaptation to Developments

Over the years, “win by inwi” has maintained its commitment by continually adapting to changing habits of Moroccan consumers. In 2023, the introduction of options such as unlimited social networks to choose from, the new 100GB pricing plan and the addition of value-added services have made it possible to fully meet user expectations and requirements.

A Rigorous Study

The “Product of the Year” awards are awarded following a study carried out by the independent research institute “Nielsen”. This survey, carried out among 3,000 consumers in the seven main regions of Morocco, evaluates products according to criteria such as appeal, purchase intention and innovation.

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