Morgan Freeman thinks a second Donald Trump presidency would be ‘good for the country’, claims viral post

Several viral X (formerly Twitter) posts claim that veteran Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman thinks a “second Trump presidency would be good for the country.”

Morgan Freeman speaks onstage during the 49th AFI Lifetime Achievement Award Gala Tribute celebrating Nicole Kidman at Dolby Theatre on April 27, 2024 in Hollywood, California. Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images/AFP (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Getty Images via AFP)(Getty Images via AFP)

One X post says, “Morgan Freeman thinks a second Trump presidency would be good for the country. And 80% of (registered) voters agree! Yeehaw! America is getting Trumpified!”

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“Morgan Freeman thinks a second Trump presidency would be good for the country. What’s your response?” another wrote. And with that, all the drama began.

But are the claims that the Shawshank Redemption star said or wrote that Trump’s time in the White House would be good for the country actually true?

This was not the first time a quote of Freeman has gone viral. In 2018, a fake expletive-ridden Trump tweet went viral.

Fact-checking Morgan Freeman’s Trump post

The rumour concerning Freeman took flight in late April 2024. However, the claim that “a second Trump presidency would be good for the country” lacked any tangible evidence, particularly from Freeman himself, who has not publicly endorsed the Republican candidate. Given Freeman’s stature and his previous endorsements of Democratic figures, it’s reasonable to assume that such a statement would not have gone unnoticed by the media.

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The 86-year-old actor aligned himself with the Democratic Party several times. His support was evident when he backed Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race.

More recently, Freeman appeared in a March 2024 video promoting President Joe Biden’s re-election bid, further solidifying his support for the Democratic incumbent rather than Trump.

In a February 2017 interview with AARP magazine, Freeman disclosed, “As for politics today, I supported Hillary in the election, and now it feels like we are jumping off a cliff. We just have to find out how we land. I’m not scared, though. I’m holding out hope that Donald Trump has to be a good president. He can’t not be. What I see is a guy who will not lose.”

In an interview with the Daily Beast in April 2017, Freeman’s conversation was steered clear of political figures like Barack Obama and then-President Trump.

When probed about the conservative critique of Islam, Freeman remarked on the unfairness of generalizing an entire group based on the actions of a few, saying, “There are those areas among us that paint an entire group [Muslims] with the same brush.”

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As of the 2024 election, Freeman publicly endorsed Biden for a second term. He appeared in a White House YouTube channel video alongside fellow actors Bill Pullman, Geena Davis, and Michael Douglas, all of whom have portrayed American presidents on screen.

“In my capacity as president, all I had to deal with was a meteor. One of the things that I came out of that with in my speech [is], hope is the strongest force we have in this country. It is the most useful and the most effective,” the Deep Impact star shared.

American news outlet Snopes also says the claims against Freeman are “Unfounded.”

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