Moroccans Lead Foreign Students in France

A report by Campus France for the year 2024 reveals that Moroccan students dominate the list of foreign students in France, surpassing Algerians and Chinese by more than 45,000 students. Among them, 6,000 have chosen engineering specializations.

The report also indicates that 45,162 new Moroccan students were welcomed in French schools and universities this season (2022-2023), representing 12% of the total number of foreign students in France.

Facilitation of Visa Procedures

Reacting to this trend, the French Embassy in Morocco recently announced facilitations in the procedures for obtaining Schengen visas for Moroccan students with higher education degrees in France.

Graduate Initiative

In a statement on Facebook, the embassy clarified that this initiative concerns holders of a master’s or doctorate from universities, colleges and other higher education institutions in France.

Visa Validity Period

This measure aims to simplify the obtaining of Schengen visas for Moroccan students who have graduated in France, offering a validity of up to five years.

This new policy aims to strengthen educational and cultural links between Morocco and France, thus facilitating the mobility of Moroccan students and consolidating their contribution to the French academic community.

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