Morocco: Government Reduces Taxes on Spirits

In a crucial decision, the Moroccan government has given the green light to a significant reduction in taxes on spirits, a move that promises to boost the sector and provide relief to businesses facing financial challenges.

Expected Economic Support

The proposal, emanating from the majority in the Council of Advisors, aims to modify tax legislation as part of the finance bill for the year 2024. The main objective is to lower the prices of spirits, in response to increases constants over the last ten years.

Impact on Companies in the Sector

Representatives of the majority underline the considerable financial impact on companies operating in the spirits sector. The successive price increases have created challenges for the financial stability of these companies, thus justifying the need for this tax review.

Encourage Responsible Consumption

The majority insists that the reduction in spirits prices will have an incentive effect, encouraging consumers to opt for responsible choices. Avoiding alternatives that are potentially harmful to health becomes a priority, and this measure aims to balance demand while ensuring responsible consumption.

Concrete Measures Adopted

In response to these concerns, the government took concrete measures by reducing the domestic consumption tax for beer from 2,000 dirhams to 1,150 dirhams per hectoliter. A decision welcomed by industry players.

This reduction also extends to the domestic consumption tax for pure alcohol, covering various categories such as spirit drinks, fermentations, flavored alcohols, and many others. The tax, initially set at 30,000 dirhams, was adjusted to 25,500 dirhams per hectoliter.

Promising Economic Outlook

This government decision opens new perspectives for the spirits sector in Morocco. By reducing the tax burden, the government hopes to stimulate economic growth, encourage investment and support local businesses. Economic observers anticipate with interest the repercussions of these changes on the national economy in the months to come.

Morocco: Government Reduces Taxes on Spirits

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