Morocco Spared from Preliminaries for 2025 Arab Cup – Media7

Morocco can already plan its participation in the 2025 Arab Cup without going through the preliminaries. This decision, taken by FIFA in agreement with the organizing committee, guarantees a direct presence of the ten best ranked Arab teams in the final phase of the tournament, which will be held in Qatar.

This year, Qatar will have the honour of hosting the prestigious competition for the third consecutive time, following its success in 2021. The decision to exempt the highly ranked teams from the preliminaries aims to ensure a high level of competition from the start of the Arab Cup.

For the other Arab teams, six places in the final phase will be contested in play-off matches. Participating teams will be able to mobilize their professional players engaged in Arab competitions, while those playing in Europe will not be available due to their international obligations.

The Royal Moroccan Football Federation has not yet decided whether Walid Regragui will continue to lead the team or whether a new coach will be appointed to represent Morocco at the tournament. Houcine Ammuta, who led the team to the quarter-finals in the previous edition, could also be a key choice for the future of the national team.

In terms of prize money, the winner of the Arab Cup will be awarded a prize of five million dollars, while the runner-up will receive three million dollars, highlighting the significant financial stakes associated with this prestigious competition.

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