Nancy Pelosi joins calls with 40 house democrats for Biden to stop arms sales to Israel

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has joined forces with 40 other House Democrats in a bold and firm plea to President Joe Biden, urging him to immediately halt the transfer of U.S. arms to Israel. On Friday, dozens of congressional Democrats sent a letter to the President and Secretary of State Antony Blinken to reassess America’s role in the growing conflict between Israel and the Palestinian groups.

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi criticised Donald Trump’s push to add citizenship question to upcoming census. Pelosi also said that Trump’s census question aims to ‘make America white again’. The California Democrat says the administration is battling in federal court to insert the question because it would have a chilling effect on who responds. The Supreme Court has temporarily blocked the question’s inclusion. Pelosi said that if people don’t answer their census forms, the administration will win.

Pelosi joins democrats in push to stop US weapon transfers to Israel

Over the past few months, the growing tensions between Israel and Gaza have become a major political issue in the United States. As the election season draws near, the world is paying close attention to any movement by the US, even a small one.

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In response to an attack by Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, the military of Israel launched an assault on Gaza on October 7th. This has led to severe criticism and international scrutiny, especially after the Gaza health ministry reported that more than 33,000 people have died in the war. According to the report, the narrow coastal strip is also experiencing mass starvation making the humanitarian situation even more alarming. Pelosi – a senior member of Biden’s Democratic Party – argued for ending arms sales to Israel, indicating that this view is increasingly becoming mainstream in the party.

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“In light of the recent strike against aid workers and the ever-worsening humanitarian crisis, we believe it is unjustifiable to approve these weapons transfers,” the signed letter read. The letter also asked the Biden administration to launch its own investigation into Monday’s Israeli air strike that killed seven employees of World Central Kitchen, a humanitarian aid group. The letter was signed by several prominent Democrats, including Representative Barbara Lee (D-Vietnam), Rashida (Rashida Tlaib) and Alexandria (Alexandria) Ocasio (D-New York).

Following investigations into the deaths of aid workers, two officers were removed from their positions as well as senior commanders who were formally reprimanded on Friday by Israeli military authorities. The inquiry showed significant mistakes and procedural violations leading to the decision. President Biden discussed with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday how Israel could better protect civilians. If these measures are not improved, he warned that the U.S. might adjust its policy.

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