New Chance: The Ministry of Transport Offers a Redo to Driving License Candidates

The Ministry of Transport and Logistics is granting a second chance to candidates who failed the driving license test last week. This decision comes after results initially considered disappointing.

During a press conference held last Thursday, the Minister of Transport and Logistics, Mohamed Abdeljalil, stressed the need to provide an additional opportunity to candidates who did not pass their driving test. The results of the first day of examination, marked by the deployment of a new pool of questions, were considered very poor by the authorities.

Candidates who took the exam last Monday without success will have the opportunity to retake it. The minister also announced that in-depth analyzes of the candidates’ responses were carried out in order to understand the reasons for the failures and to remedy them.

According to information provided at the conference, pass rates showed gradual improvement. They increased to 35% on the second day and 40% the following day. Authorities aim to achieve a 55% success rate by the end of the week.

This decision by the ministry aims to ensure a fair process for obtaining a driving license, while ensuring safety on the country’s roads.

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