New controversies surrounding the AstraZeneca Vaccine in Morocco

The AstraZeneca vaccine is the subject of controversy in Morocco. News of legal action against the AstraZeneca company in the United Kingdom over allegations that its vaccine led to deaths and serious injuries has sowed fear among Moroccans who received doses of the Corona virus vaccine, developed in collaboration with the University of Oxford.

Reassurance from a vaccine expert

During his participation in the work of the African Congress during its seventh edition organized by the Casablanca Association of Pediatricians in the Private Sector in Tangier, Professor Robert Cohen, international vaccine expert, sent a message of reassurance. He affirmed that there was no reason to fear the AstraZeneca vaccine, stressing that if serious complications were caused by this vaccine, they would manifest themselves within a maximum period of 10 days to a month after administration of the dose. .

Side effects of medications

Dr. Cohen emphasized that it is common for any medication to have unwanted side effects that can occur to varying degrees, while confirming that they remain very rare.

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