No asylum for illegal US immigrants? Joe Biden considering unilateral executive action

As United States prepares for the 2024 mandate illegal immigration has emerged as a big discourse to jeopardise Joe Biden’s chances to return as President. On the back of rising internal rebellion Biden administration is now contemplating taking unilateral executive action to address illegal immigration. Government is preparing to take measures to restrict asylum claims by migrants crossing the US southern border.

Protesters hold up signs and speak through a bullhorn supporting the “Take Our Border Back” convoy near Cornerstone Childrens Ranch near Quemado, Texas(AFP)

This move comes after House Republicans rejected a bipartisan Senate immigration agreement, leaving President Joe Biden to explore alternative avenues, according to sources familiar with the matter.

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Among the measures under consideration is the utilization of Section 212(f) powers, previously employed by former President Donald Trump. Although the legal validity and scope of these actions are subject to debate, conservative voices have been urging Biden to consider deploying them. However, the potential effectiveness of these measures in addressing the situation at the border remains uncertain, with questions looming over their ability to withstand anticipated legal challenges.

The growing illegal immigration crisis in US

The border crisis has emerged as a central issue affecting Biden’s key priorities, including the approval of assistance for Ukraine amidst escalating tensions with Russia. The House’s reluctance to advance aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan without additional border restrictions underscores the significance of the immigration issue in the current political landscape.

Any action taken by Biden underscores the increasing prominence of the border and migration as focal points in the lead-up to the 2024 elections. Recent polling indicates that a majority of swing-state voters attribute at least some responsibility to Biden for the surge in migrants, highlighting the political significance of addressing the issue.

While the White House declined to directly address the reports, it urged House Speaker Mike Johnson to support the bipartisan bill. White House spokesman Angelo Fernández Hernández criticized Congressional Republicans for prioritizing partisan politics over national security, emphasizing the need for bipartisan cooperation to address border security concerns.

Despite the administration’s exploration of various options, including potential executive actions, no definitive decision has been made on their implementation. The discussions surrounding these measures reflect the complexities and competing agendas confronting Biden as the elections draw nearer.

Biden faces pressure from mayors, governors, and immigration advocates to address the rising number of individuals crossing the US border while upholding due process for asylum seekers. Kerri Talbot, director of the Immigration Hub advocacy group, emphasized the importance of ensuring a fair, efficient, and humane asylum system in any border security executive action undertaken by the Biden administration.

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