Old clip of Chuck Schumer slamming ‘illegal aliens’ resurfaces, social media says ‘now they change their position’

Shortly after president Joe Biden was ripped for saying he regrets using the term “illegal” to describe Laken Riley’s killer, an old clip of Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer talking about “illegal aliens” surfaced on social media.

Old clip of Chuck Schumer slamming ‘illegal aliens’ resurfaces Photographer (Tierney L. Cross/Bloomberg)(Bloomberg)

“People who enter the United States without our permission are illegal aliens and illegal aliens should not be treated the same as people who enters the U.S. legally,” Schumer said during a speech in 2009.

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“Illegal immigration is wrong, plain and simple. Until the American people are convinced that we will stop future flows of illegal immigration we will make no progress on dealing with the millions of illegal immigrants who are here now,” Schumer said. “When we use phrases like undocumented workers we convey a message to the American people that their government is not serious about combating illegal immigration which the American people overwhelmingly oppose. If you don’t think it’s illegal you’re not going to say it. I think it is illegal and wrong.”

‘Now they change their position to appease the far left progressive agenda’

After Biden’s comments, many slammed Schumer too, saying despite his earlier words, nothing changed.

“This is Democrat senate majority leader Chuck Schumer from 2009 talking about how unacceptable illegal immigration is,” founder Clay Travis posted on X. “Now Dems say it’s unacceptable to even use the word illegal. Things everyone said just a few years ago are now considered unacceptable.”

“Democrats really used to want to stop illegal immigration,” conservative comedian Tim Young posted on X. “Here’s Chuck Schumer in 2009 telling us all how ‘illegal immigration is wrong.’ What changed?”

“Schumer and Pelosi had it exactly right about calling illegal immigration illegal,” Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott wrote, referring to comments Nancy Pelosi made at a press conference several years ago. “Now they change their position to appease the far left progressive agenda. Their actions imperil our country.”

What did Nancy Pelosi say?

During a 2008 press conference, Pelosi said, “Do we have a commitment to secure the border? Yes. What are the options that we have available to us, let’s make sure they work. Pelosi, who used the word “undocumented,” later said the government did “not want any more coming in.”

“Because we do need to address the issue of immigration and the challenge we have of undocumented people in our country,” she continued. “We certainly do not want any more coming in.”

Recently, after Biden’s “illegal” comment, Pelosi simply downplayed it. “Now he should have said undocumented, but that’s not a big thing, ok? What’s the big thing?” she said.

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