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Moroccan stylist-designer, Sara Chraïbi, lit up the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris on Monday evening, presenting her latest creations during Paris Haute Couture Week Spring-Summer 2024.

The “La Terre” Collection: A Tribute to the Resilience of Morocco

On this exceptional evening, Sara Chraïbi offered lovers of global haute couture a collection imbued with a deep tribute to Morocco and its inhabitants, in response to the recent earthquake which shook several regions of the Kingdom on September 8.

The Moroccan designer named her new collection “La Terre”, symbolizing a tribute to the resilience of Moroccan lands. It expresses attachment to the native land, to the nuances of the soil, to its movement, to the very essence of the country.

Love for the Earth: An Iconic Collection

Celebrating love for the land, Sara Chraïbi stressed before the parade the importance of reflecting this deep attachment. Having already participated in the biggest international fashion events alongside prestigious houses such as Chanel, Christian Dior, Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Fendi, Jean Paul Gaultier, among others, she affirmed that this collection was a declaration of love to the land that constantly inspires him.

If her previous collections in Paris were imbued with the celestial, this time, Sara Chraïbi chose to reveal her deep roots in Moroccan soil, a constant presence in her artistic creation.

Three Highlights: An Ode to Resilience

The parade was structured around three highlights. The first painting, all in ocher, featured earth, roots, and warm tones. The second painting, dominated by shades of blue, evoked the extraordinary event that occurred in Morocco after the El Haouz earthquake, with the emergence of numerous water sources in various regions.

At the end, the audience was transported into a world where gold predominates, symbolizing the magnificence of life being reborn. A reminder of rootedness and resilience, emphasizing that despite trials, the earth will always rebuild itself, unfailingly linked.

Magnified Moroccan Know-How

Proud that her work is deeply rooted in Moroccan know-how, Sara Chraïbi specifies that although inspired by centuries-old traditions and exceptional millennial craftsmanship, her creation is not intended to be a simple “exact translation”. According to her, craftsmanship must be revived, reinterpreted, and revisited to create a new tradition.

The Journey of Sara Chraïbi: Between Rabat and Paris

Originally from Rabat, immersed in an artistic and cultural environment, Sara Chraïbi learned sewing and embroidery from her mother. After studying architecture in Rabat, she moved to Paris, where her passion for fashion and culture flourished.

Driven by the desire to give a contemporary dimension to Moroccan know-how, she founded her fashion house in 2011. Recognized for the accuracy of her lines and the sensitivity of her embroidery with multiple influences, her work contributes to raising the colors of the Morocco on the international scene.

Fashion Week: An Unmissable Event

Since 1973, Fashion Week has been a major event in the fashion world. Twice a year, this week of fashion shows presents nearly 100 creations in various Parisian locations, marking the unmissable meeting place for fashion enthusiasts from around the world.

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