Paul Ryan tears into ‘unfit’ Trump over ‘RINO’ remark: ‘I got death, taxes and weird stuff from…’

Former Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) lambasted former President Donald Trump over his lack of character and principles, reiterating that he won’t be voting for him in the November elections.

Speaking to Fox News host Neil Cavuto, Paul Ryan mentioned that “wired stuff” from the former president is something he can expect in his life.(AP)

Speaking to Fox News host Neil Cavuto, Ryan mentioned that “wired stuff” from the former president is something he can expect in his life.

“I got death, taxes and weird stuff from Donald Trump. These are the three certainties in my life. So to me it’s just another day in a life,” Ryan stated.

This comes after Trump in his social media post on Truth Social blasted Ryan as ‘RINO’, or ‘Republican in Name Only’. Hitting back at Trump, he stated that RINO refers to a person who doesn’t show loyalty to the ex-president.

“Fealty to Trump is what RINO is, meaning that if you don’t pledge fealty to this man, then you are a RINO. It used to mean a liberal Republican versus a conservative,” Ryan said.

Comparing himself with Trump, he called himself a conservative Republican, and Trump a populist but not a conservative. “I want to see someone who’s — who has fidelity to principles. I would prefer a party that is based on principles, not personality or populism,” he stressed.

He chastised Trump “for putting himself above the Constitution, stating that he is “unfit for the office”.

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Will Paul Ryan vote for Republican candidate?

Ryan also criticised Trump for Republican electoral losses in recent years.

“He’s cost us a lot of seats. He cost us the Senate twice. He cost us the House because he is nominating, he is pushing through the primaries people who cannot win general elections but who pledge fealty to him.”

Ryan, who also opposes President Joe Biden, stated that Americans have been given “terrible choices” in the November 5 election.

He also stated that he longed for “a different choice than the ones we are presented with.”

Ryan bemoaned that former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, who pulled out of the Republican presidential primary contest in March but continues to receive significant protest votes in subsequent primaries, would not be the Republican nominee.

“She’d probably win this thing by 12 points,” he stated.

Ryan stated that he will write in a “conservative Republican” for his vote in November, but that he has not yet chosen that person.

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