Perpignan. Tribute from Louis Aliot to Samuel Paty and Dominique Bernard: “We are not going to continue tolerating the intolerable like this” – Media7

The ceremony of this Monday, October 16, 2023 at the Jeantet Violet square in Perpignan was punctuated by a minute of silence and the laying of wreaths for this double tribute in memory of the two teachers murdered three years apart: Samuel Paty, on the 16 October 2020, and Dominique Bernard, on October 13.

From the RN deputy Michèle Martinez to the RN mayor Louis Aliot, without forgetting the senator LR Jean Sol and a handful of elected officials from the City of Perpignan, the Republic girded with the tricolor scarf, made this Monday morning, October 16, 2023, a double tribute to the two deceased teachers. In front of the secularism stele in Jeantet Violet square, teachers and students from Arago high school also gathered. In all their thoughts: Samuel Paty (professor of history and geography at Conflans Sainte-Honorine) and Dominique Bernard (teacher of French in Arras), killed three years and three days apart near their respective establishments.

During his rather brief speech, the mayor of Perpignan drew the parallel between “these two assassinations of teachers, with a knife and by two Chechen terrorists”. And returning more specifically to the attacker of Dominique Bernard, the first councilor drove home the point: “This man should never have been on French territory and should have been expelled”. While expressing “a saddened thought for the injured and the bereaved families”, Louis Aliot concluded his speech with “the silences, the tributes, the stuffed animals and the candles will not be enough… We are not going to continue like this to tolerate the intolerable “.

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