Precipitation and Heat: Weather Forecasts in Morocco for this Friday

In the weather forecast for today, Morocco is preparing for varied conditions. High temperatures will characterize southern desert regions, while precipitation is expected in the north.

According to the General Directorate of Meteorology, light raindrops are expected in the northeast and along the Mediterranean coasts. Dense low clouds accompanied by intermittent rain could affect these regions in the morning.

In the evening, local lightning is expected over the Great Atlas and Middle Atlas Mountains, with chances of precipitation in surrounding areas. The northwest Plains could also see light showers overnight.

Strong winds will blow in several regions, accompanied by local dust in the south and southeast. Gusty winds are expected along the Mediterranean coast and in inland valleys.

Minimum temperatures will range between 06 and 13 degrees in the mountains, while southern regions will see warmer temperatures, reaching up to 23 degrees. During the day, temperatures are expected to drop across the country.

The Mediterranean Sea will be rough, while conditions will be less turbulent along the Atlantic coast.

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