QNET successfully concludes its first convention of the year in Malaysia

QNET, a global lifestyle and wellness company, concluded this year’s first biannual flagship event, V-Malaysia 2024, on May 16 in Penang Island, Malaysia.

The five-day convention attracted around 9,000 participants from more than 30 countries, confirming its status as a major international event, QNET said in a press release.

V-Malaysia 2024: A platform for learning, networking and innovation

This year, V-Malaysia presented an extensive agenda packed with opportunities to learn, network and discover the latest advancements in wellness and lifestyle from QNET.

Highlights included the QNET Product Mega-Exhibition, where the company showcased its range of premium products, such as HomePure range of home appliances, Amezcua range of wellness products, Watch range Swiss luxury brands Bernhard H. Mayer and nutritional products from the LifeQode range, among others.

Launch of revolutionary products

QNET unveiled several innovative new products at this year’s convention. This is “Amezcua e-Guard X”, an innovative solution designed to mitigate the health impacts associated with mobile radiation from everyday electronic devices, such as smartphones, laptops and televisions.

It’s also called “HomePure Rayn,” a shower head that not only filters shower water, but also incorporates Amezcua Resonance Technology (ART) to help boost energy. It also features an optional Vitamin C capsule, which can help remove residual chlorine from the skin, and an optional Activated Carbon Fiber (ACF) capsule, which eliminates fine microorganisms.

The company also revealed the “Bernhard H. Mayer Alto Watch”. The new ceramic watches from the Swiss brand, ideal for everyday use, are available in two models, black and white, for men and women. The quartz watch features a unique wave pattern on its dial and recycled steel hands.

Strengthen the global network

The event included numerous training and education sessions tailored to QNET’s global distributor network. These sessions aimed to improve their direct selling skills and empower them to achieve greater success in their personal businesses.

Inspiring moments

In an inspiring session, participants had the pleasure of welcoming award-winning Indian actor R. Madhavan. He shared his captivating journey and struggles within the competitive Indian film industry, delivering a story of triumph that resonated deeply with the diverse international audience.

Commitment to sustainability

To offset the carbon footprint of the event, QNET ensured the event was free of single-use plastic, promoted plant-based food options and hosted a tree planting session in partnership with Malaysia’s JARING, the National Fishermen’s Association, as part of its global Green Legacy reforestation programme.

Quoted by the press release, Trevor Kuna, Marketing Director of QNET, said: “This event is not just a convention; it is a celebration of our commitment to our distributors and customers around the world. We look forward to another year of remarkable experiences and success”.

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