Record Seizure of Cannabis Concealed in a Load of Fish at the Port of Tangier

As part of a joint operation between national security authorities and customs services at the port of Tangier-Mediterranean, a large-scale drug seizure was made yesterday. No less than three tonnes and 255 kilograms of cannabis wafers were discovered inside a cargo of fish hidden in a truck trailer intended for international transport of goods.

Expertly Made Concealment

The Directorate General of National Security revealed that the drugs were carefully hidden inside the load of fish, intended to be shipped to a European port on a ferry. The border surveillance operation and careful inspection made it possible to foil this attempt at international trafficking.

Record seizure at the port of Tangier

Arrest of the Driver and Continuation of the Investigation

The driver of the truck, a 32-year-old Moroccan national, was arrested at the scene. He is currently in police custody, the subject of an investigation carried out by the judicial police unit of the port of Tangier-Mediterranean, under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor’s office. The goal is to completely dismantle the drug trafficking network and bring all perpetrators to justice.

Record seizure at the port of Tangier

Fierce Fight Against Drug Trafficking

This record seizure operation underlines the continued commitment of the Moroccan authorities in the fight against international drug trafficking networks. It also demonstrates the effectiveness of the security measures put in place to protect the borders and prevent the flow of illicit drugs across the national territory.

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