Red alert: Meat prices reach record highs in Morocco

Prices of red meat have reached record levels on national markets, causing concern among Moroccan citizens. After the Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr period, prices rose significantly, affecting family budgets across the country.

According to the latest reports, the price of a kilogram of lamb meat has risen to 130 dirhams, while a kilogram of beef has reached 90 dirhams. The sudden increase sparked an outcry on social media, with many users expressing dissatisfaction and concern about the impact on the cost of living.

Industry professionals point out that this price increase is mainly attributed to the drought that hit the country, reducing the supply of livestock and leading to an increase in production costs. Despite the government’s efforts to support the sector, prices continue to rise, putting a strain on Moroccan households.

Abdellah Bouchichi, president of the National Association of Livestock Technicians, said high demand was keeping prices high and a decline was not expected in the short term. With the national livestock stock steadily declining and some herders culling their herds due to food shortages, the situation could persist.

Authorities are rushing to take measures to mitigate the impact on consumers and stabilize prices in the red meat market, but the situation remains tense and uncertain for many Moroccans.

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