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The High Commission for Planning (HCP) and the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) signed, Monday in Rabat, a partnership agreement for the online training of the human system responsible for collecting data from households within the framework of of the General Population and Housing Census (RGPH) scheduled for September 2024.

Under this agreement, initialed by the High Commissioner for Planning, Ahmed Lahlimi, and the president of UM6P, Hicham EL Habti, the University will take charge of the training of investigators called upon to collect information from households, as well as as controllers and supervisors responsible for supervising the RGPH-2024 operation.

This agreement, which crowns an already strengthened partnership between the two institutions, will allow the HCP to benefit from the proven expertise of the UM6P in the field of online training, by providing the HCP with platforms and content. educational and evaluation systems necessary for the selection of human skills, responsible for carrying out RGPH 2024 operations on the ground.

The HCP and the UM6P bring, through this agreement, a new density to their partnership illustrated by the regular exchanges between the two institutions in the field of scientific studies and the joint edition of the journal “Les Cahiers du Plan”, a specified, on this occasion, Mr. Lahlimi.

The two institutions intend to place their cooperation in a common desire to initiate over the long term, on the occasion of RGPH 2024, an exemplary model of partnership between academia and public administration, he indicated.

Referring to the specificities of the RGPH 2024, he cited the establishment of a “double questionnaire”: a “light” one, reserved for all households in order to collect responses on important questions such as demographics, and a “heavy” one which integrates new questions linked to the HCP’s commitments in terms of sustainable development (gender ratio, environment, etc.), which will only concern 20% of the households identified.

The census operation will mobilize around 55,000 investigators, in addition to controllers and supervisors throughout the national territory, said Mr. Lahlimi, noting that this training will be entirely financed by international organizations, notably the United Nations Fund for Population (UNFPA) and UNICEF.

For his part, Mr. El Habti welcomed the signing of this agreement linked to the RGPH 2024 operation, with the objective of developing a platform for the training of investigators in the field.

This is a platform with national technology which draws on the means developed by the UM6P in the field of distance education, he said, noting that this will allow support and training of more than 200,000 people.

In this sense, he indicated that 70 experts will be mobilized for the success of this major operation, adding that the University is mobilizing around ten of its studios equipped for the training, for three months, of remote investigators.

Online training for the human system responsible for collecting data as part of RGPH-2024, a now digitalized operation, will last three months from the beginning of 2024.

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