Rising Prices of Household Appliances in Morocco: How Will the New Taxes Impact Your Wallet?

A recent decision by the House of Representatives in Morocco resulted in a significant increase in import duties on certain small electrical appliances. This increase in taxes will have a direct impact on consumers, resulting in a surge in prices on various household appliances.

Devices Affected by Tax Increase

Among the devices affected by this increase, we find equipment commonly used in Moroccan homes. Coffee grinders, food blenders, juicers, shavers, hair cutting or shearing devices, electric epilators, as well as different types of water heaters are part of this list. Appliances such as hair dryers, hand dryers, irons, microwave ovens and electric lawn mowers, among other domestic electric thermal appliances, will also be affected, according to information provided by Al3omk.

Government Strategy: Encourage Local Manufacturing

The government justifies this increase in import duties as a strategy to promote local manufacturing and strengthen domestic production. By specifically targeting devices that do not require advanced manufacturing technology, the objective is to promote local production in Morocco, with the hope of reducing the trade balance deficit.

Reduction of Customs Tax on Smartphones

It should be noted that a customs tax of 30% was initially planned for smartphones. However, following an outcry from many parliamentarians, this tax was reduced to 17%.

Impacted Device Categories

To summarize, here is a list of device categories that should see an increase in their prices starting in January:

Small kitchen appliances: Coffee grinders, food blenders, juicers. Personal care appliances: Razors, hair cutting or shearing appliances, electric epilators. Water heaters: Instantaneous, accumulative, submerged electric. Hair care: Dryer -hair.Household appliances: Hand dryers, irons, microwave ovens.Electric gardening tools: Electric lawn mowers.Other household electrical appliances: Electric thermal appliances for domestic use, coffee or tea preparation appliances , toaster.

In conclusion, Moroccan consumers will have to prepare for a notable increase in the prices of these household appliances from January, due to new import taxes.

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