Ryanair in Morocco: Attractive prices but…

Moroccan travelers have been excited by the arrival of services from Ryanair, the low-cost airline, connecting several cities in Morocco in just a few days. However, despite affordable fares, some expectations remain for the expansion of destinations served.

Prices, a definite advantage

The fares offered by Ryanair generally vary between 150 and 600 dirhams, depending on the distance between the cities and the date of booking. This price range makes travel between different Moroccan cities accessible to a wide audience.

Services to consider

Despite attractive prices, travelers must take certain aspects into account. Indeed, additional fees are required for the transport of luggage, which can influence the total cost of the trip. Additionally, booking is done online and in euros, which can present a challenge for some travelers.

Expectations for new destinations

Although Ryanair already serves several cities, expectations remain for the addition of new destinations. Residents of cities such as Laâyoune, Dakhla, Nador, Casablanca and Salé are calling for the airline’s services to be extended to their region. They thus wish to fully benefit from the advantages of air travel within the country.

In conclusion, Ryanair offers competitive prices and attractive services to Moroccan travelers. However, the continued wait for the expansion of destinations served highlights the importance of meeting the diverse needs of travelers across the kingdom.

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