Ryanair Plans to Launch Domestic Flights to Morocco in 2024

In a bold move, the airline Ryanair is exploring new horizons by planning to launch domestic flights in Morocco next year. This announcement, resulting from an official request submitted to the head of government, Aziz Akhannouch, could transform the Moroccan air landscape.

An Official Request Under Examination

According to reliable sources from Asharq Business media, Ryanair has submitted an official request to the General Directorate of Civil Aviation to launch domestic flights in Morocco in 2024. The request is currently under review, and a decision is expected within weeks. come.

First Connection Scheduled for March 2024

A Ryanair representative shared with Asharq that the inaugural flight of this new phase of expansion is planned as early as next March. The aim is to connect several Moroccan cities which, until now, were only accessible via international flights.

Ryanair in Morocco: 17 Years of History and Growing Ambition

Since its debut in Morocco 17 years ago, Ryanair has played a major role serving 10 airports across the country. In October last year, the company announced its most ambitious flight schedule for winter 2023-2024, with a significant increase in international flights, strengthening its presence in the Moroccan market.

An Evolving Market: Ryanair Facing the Competition

The domestic flight market in Morocco, until now dominated by the national airline Royal Air Maroc and the low-cost airline Air Arabia, could experience a major transformation with the potential arrival of Ryanair. This expansion would create increased competition, giving travelers a wider range of options for domestic travel.

In conclusion, Ryanair’s initiative to explore the domestic flight market in Morocco marks a significant turning point. Approval of this proposal would usher in a new and exciting era for domestic travel, providing passengers with a variety of options and intensifying competition within the Moroccan airline sector. We will closely monitor the development of this promising news.

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