Sacred Music Festival: traditional Swiss music causes a sensation in Jnan Sbil

Friday, May 31, 2024 at 8:51 p.m.

Fez – The Swiss musical group “Treibhorn”, a pioneer of traditional Swiss music, caused a sensation on Friday with a unique concert at the magnificent Jnan Sbil garden, as part of the 27th Fez Festival of sacred music of the world.

Rooted in tradition, but performed in a refreshing way that transcends styles, “Treibhorn” took the audience, made up of Moroccans and foreigners of different nationalities, over hill and dale through lush pastures of sound straight from the Alps . And the Alphorn was the star instrument of this show in the colors of the Swiss countryside.

Treibhörnler Roger Konrad (Alphorn, cortenor, vocals) and Bruno Zemp (Alphorn, trombone) explore, with Adrian Schäublin on piano & sampling, Madlaina Küng on double bass, as well as Erich Güntensperger on drums, new paths of popular music. As a guest, the famous and innovative yodeller Franziska Wigger completes Treibhorn’s soundscape.

Roger Konrad expressed in a statement to MAP his joy at performing in Morocco “a unique country”, adding that “we loved the people here and we were very happy to host this concert in this magnificent park” of Jnan. Sbil.

“We are in Morocco for the first time and it was special for us to present our Swiss music here,” confided Adrian Schäublin, another member of the group.

The compositions of this group, for the most part original, bring out the entire sound spectrum of the ancestral instrument. Treibhorn arouses enthusiasm with his playful improvisations or his grandiose and mystical side, like the Swiss Alpine world.

Placed under the High Patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, the Festival is held from May 24 to June 1 under the theme “The Quest for the Al-Andalus Spirit”.

This unmissable event, which is now one of the largest cultural events in the world, also includes the participation of artists representing several countries.

These include, among others, the singer of Syrian origin Naïssam Jalal, Nedyalko Nedyalkov Quartet (Bulgaria), Khadija El Afrit (Tunisia), Walid Benselim, Young Musicians European orchestra, and Madalena (female choir), besides the nights Sufis.

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