Schengen Visas: Bad News for Moroccans in 2024

The European Commission recently announced a decision that will have a significant financial impact for Moroccan applicants for Schengen visas. Indeed, the fees for obtaining these essential visas will be revised upwards.

According to information provided by the Commission, Schengen visa fees will now be set at 90 euros for adults and 45 euros for children. This decision, based on an assessment of the inflation rate within the European Union and on the evolution of the salaries of national civil servants over the last three years, will come into force shortly.

The announcement comes after a meeting in which the majority of EU member states expressed support for the proposed revision of Schengen visa fees. This meeting, which was held last December, highlighted the importance given to this issue within the Union.

It is interesting to note that Morocco was recently ranked among the ten countries where Schengen visa applications are most often refused. In 2022, out of a total of 423,201 applications filed, 119,346 were rejected, placing the kingdom in fourth place, behind Algeria, India and Turkey.

This decision by the European Commission will have direct repercussions on Moroccan travelers planning visits to Europe. It also raises questions about the accessibility of cross-border travel for individuals and families, as well as the economic implications of this increase in Schengen visa fees.

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