Sharing of good practices: ANGSPE receives the Ambassador of Gabon to Morocco accompanied by a Gabonese delegation

The Director General of the National Agency for the Strategic Management of State Participations and Monitoring the Performance of Public Establishments and Enterprises (ANGSPE), Abedellatif Zaghnoun, recently welcomed in Rabat the Ambassador of the Gabonese Republic to Morocco, Sylver Aboubacar Minko Mi-Nseme, accompanied by a Gabonese delegation led by the Director General of Participations (DG-PAR) at the Ministry of Economy and Participations of Gabon, Anne Nkene Biyo’o.

Held from June 3 to 7, this visit is part of a process of sharing experiences and good practices in the management of State participations, indicated the ANGSPE and the DG-PAR in a joint press release.

Chaired by Mr. Zaghnoun, the official launch meeting of this visit was an opportunity to thank the Ambassador and the Director General of DG-PAR for their laudable initiative which allowed the respective entities of the two sister countries to exchange on their expertise, their missions and their challenges in terms of strategic and operational management of State participations, adds the same source.

Throughout the mission, ANGSPE organized a series of technical workshops during which representatives of the Gabonese delegation, made up of members of the DG-PAR board, were able to discuss structuring themes with their Moroccan counterparts. including the issues and objectives of the State’s shareholder policy and the conduct of portfolio and capital operations, progress on the reforms of public establishments and enterprises (EEP) and the improvement of financial control of the ‘State.

The discussions also focused on feedback on the launch of the consolidation of the accounts of the State shareholder and the evaluation of the performance of the EEPs, the management of human resources and the strategic deployment of resources, the restructuring and transformations of public establishments into limited companies, the two institutions announced.

And to continue that during the closing session organized on June 6, a summary of the recommendations for optimized management of State participations was presented, followed by the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the ANGSPE and DG-PAR.

The MoU aims to express the intention of the two entities to deepen and strengthen current areas of cooperation and to identify concrete actions of cooperation and more broadly to build relationships in multiple forms.

At the end of this signing, Ms. Nkene Biyo’o praised the quality of the welcome and the effectiveness of the exchange with ANGSPE.

Mr. Zaghnoun concluded the mission by affirming that this visit, by laying the foundations for future cooperation between ANGSPE and DG-PAR, on their various subjects of common interest, opens the possibility of a similar exchange with other African countries.

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