Tensions Escalate in Agadir Due to “Umbrellas” and Wild “Parking”

In Agadir, the controversial practices of “parasols” and wild “parking” are causing outrage among holidaymakers and locals. On several beaches, particularly at Kilomètre 25, the owners of the yellow parasols are demanding unregulated parking fees, leading to frequent confrontations with those who refuse to pay.

Citizens also denounce the illegal occupation of public spaces by groups of “umbrellas”, hindering the access of visitors and clearly violating the laws in force. In response, they call on the Ministry of the Interior to intensify the police presence to put an end to these practices which are harmful to the tourist image of the region.

To resolve this situation, strict measures and severe sanctions are requested against those responsible for the “umbrellas” and wild “parking”, stressing the importance of effective regulation to preserve the order and accessibility of the beaches of Agadir.

This case highlights the challenges of managing public spaces on Moroccan beaches and underlines the urgent need for government intervention to ensure a safe and enjoyable summer experience for all visitors.

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