Terrence Howard shares bizarre conspiracy theories on Joe Rogan Podcast, ‘Everyone is wrong’

Terrence Howard is famed for being outspoken about his unconventional beliefs and conspiracy theories. Not afraid of speaking his mind, the Iron Man star spoke at length about gravity being fake and how he had retained the memories of being in his mother’s womb on the Joe Rogan Podcast. The 55-year-old actor’s bizarre claims seemingly left the podcaster taken aback as Rogan told him, “If you’re right, so many people are wrong.”

Terrence Howard shares some of the wildest conspiracy theories on The Joe Rogan Podcast(Joe Rogan/ Instagram)

‘Everyone is wrong’ according to Terrence Howard

Howard kicked off the interview, saying he remembers everything from the time he was in his mother’s womb. “I didn’t wake up here, I was inside my mother’s womb, I was like ‘don’t forget, don’t forget, don’t forget.’” He continued, “I remember being circumcised. I remember the whole nine.”

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Justifying his theories, the Triumph star told Rogan that “everyone is wrong,” adding, “The universe backs me up.” Continuing his streak of conspiracy theories, Howard told Rogan, “Straight lines are an illusion…if you look at it from the side, from its real perspective, you see that it’s not.””

Howard then went on to refute the Pythagoras Theorem and the Periodic Table. The Gully star continued to add that he could “rebuild Saturn without gravity.” “We’re about to kill gravity. We’re about to kill their God, gravity, and they don’t want that,” Howard told Rogan.

“And it has the rings with no animation. It has the rings and the hexagon that’s observed at the very top of it without dark matter, without dark energy, without gravity, showing that it’s an outward, inward, outward force pushing down that creates the planet,” he continued.

In an open challenge to scientists, physicists, and mathematicians, the Cut Throat City star said, “You have all of these physicists saying something different but none of them have 97 patents. None of them have introduced a new form of flight.” Howard explained how he holds the patent for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, which is cited by 31 companies, including Microsoft, Amazon, and Sony.

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