Terrifying video shows 2 women’s ordeal as they face violent Texas tornado: ‘I’m shaking, the car’s still shaking’

A terrifying video being recorded by two women shows the moment a tornado crossed the road while they were driving near Valley View, Texas. The duo survived, but the storm killed several people.

Terrifying video shows 2 women’s ordeal as they face violent Texas tornado (@DamagedSector/X)

Valenia Gill and Brenda Proctor Dance were returning after attending a singer/songwriter show when they faced the ordeal. 15 minutes after the show, rain began blowing sideways and wind sounded across their vehicle.

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The terrifying video

In the video, one can hear the hail pelting the car. “(Expletive)’s flying everywhere,” Gill says in the clip, as chunks of debris flew past the headlights.

“Look at it,” Dance says. “My ears are popping.”

“My ears are popping, too, from the pressure,” Gill says. “Look at the sign shaking.”

Soon the road signs start flapping violently. As visibility out of the car window worsens, Gill stops the car.

“Oh my God,” one of the women can be heard repeating.

“We’re right in the middle of the tornado, Brenda. What do I do?” Gill shouts. “The car is shaking.”

The video shifts right, left and down as the horrifying tornado wildly rocks the car. The car, we’re in it (the tornado), Brenda,” Gill yells, with the movement making the video blurry. “I can’t do anything.”

Cover your head,” a distressed Dance says. “Cover your head.”

The sound of the wind in the video is frightening, and power flashes light up the roadway with the power poles being disassembled. “It’s got my car, I know,” Gill says. “We’re still shaking, my ears are popping.”

The wind seems to become slightly slower, but still loud enough to scare the women. “Okay, okay,” Gill said, sounding terrified. “I don’t want to go anywhere yet. I’m shaking, the car’s still shaking.”

In the background, one can hear the sirens or emergency vehicles. When a car pulls around them, a power line can be seen down across the street. As the car drives away, one of them says, shocked, “Are they going?”

Dance later wrote in a Facebook post, “I would never wish this on anyone…. physically I may look ok…. on the inside I’m all tore up. This was terrifying seeing your life literally flash before your eyes…. we made it out alive and across the highway was a lot worse.”

Dance has launched a GoFundMe to raise money for Gill’s car repairs. “We came face to face with the tornado. She is disabled and only has the minimum liability on her car due to being on fixed income,” the page reads.

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