The Casablanca Stock Exchange falls into the red at the close

The Casablanca Stock Exchange fell into the red at the close on Monday, with the MASI dropping 0.29% to 13,159.07 points (pts).

The MASI.20, an index bringing together the 20 most liquid stocks, and the MASI.ESG, an index of companies with the best ESG rating, as published by Moody’s ESG Solutions, fell respectively by 0.32% to 1,062, 37 pts, and 0.35% to 954.9 pts.

Regarding the MASI Mid and Small Cap, the thematic index which calculates the price performance of small and medium-sized companies listed on the Casablanca Stock Exchange, it contracted by 0.74% to 1,207.57 pts.

On the international side, the FTSE CSE Morocco 15, made up of the 15 main stocks of the Casablanca Stock Exchange, classified by market capitalization, fell by 0.08% to 12,208.39 pts, and the FTSE CSE Morocco All-Liquid, benchmark index which traces the performance of all liquid stocks on the Stock Exchange, lost 0.01% to 10,998.72 pts.

Sectorally, the IT hardware, software and services index showed the largest decline (-3.38%), followed by the leisure and hotels index (-1.54%) and telecommunications (- 1.09%).

Conversely, the drinks sector posted the largest increase (+2.25%), ahead of those of forestry and paper (+2.61%) and distributors (+1%).

The overall volume of trade amounted to 179.16 million dirhams (MDH) carried out on the Central market (Shares), and dominated by transactions on BCP (76.47 MDH), Sothema (24.32 MDH) and Attijariwafa Bank (21.29 MDH).

As for the market capitalization, it stood at nearly 685 billion dirhams (billion dirhams).

On the value front, the biggest declines were posted by Cartier Saada (-7.6% to 30.02 dirhams (DH)), Créations Mécaniques (-5.79% to 96 DH), Microdata (-5. 69% at 627 DH), Hps (-3.95% at 535 DH) and S. M Monétique (-3.15% at 166.1 DH).

Conversely, Maghreb Oxygène (+5.98% to 216.2 DH), Bmci (+5.69% to 627.4 DH), Oulmes (+3.74% to 1,359 DH), Med Paper (+ 2.61% to 19.29 DH) and Alliances (+2.08% to 245 DH) achieved the largest increases.

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