These SIM cards will be blocked in 3 months

Moroccan telephone operators will be required to identify all their subscribers under penalty of sanctions, announced Ghita Mezzour, Minister Delegate for Digital Transition and Administrative Reform. This measure aims to combat the use of anonymous SIM cards and strengthen national security.

The minister specified that the National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ANRT) has taken several measures to counter the proliferation of unidentified SIM cards. Among these measures is the obligation for operators to update their databases with the names, first names, identity card numbers and dates of signature of users’ subscription contracts.

A Three-Month Compliance Period

Operators have three months to comply with these new requirements. After this deadline, unidentified SIM cards will be deactivated. This initiative aims to ensure that every active SIM card on the market is associated with a verifiable identity, thus minimizing the risks associated with the fraudulent use of telecommunications.

Collaboration with Security Authorities

Ghita Mezzour also indicated that the ANRT is working closely with security authorities to suspend anonymous numbers. This coordination aims to reduce illegal activities related to anonymous SIM cards, while protecting consumers.

Telephone operators are now required to verify and validate the personal information of each subscriber. This measure is part of a national security and data protection policy.

Commitment to Telecommunications Security

The ANRT initiative marks an important step towards enhanced security in the telecommunications sector. By requiring operators to identify each SIM card user, the authorities hope to limit abuse and protect consumers.

Ghita Mezzour stressed the importance of these actions to ensure a safer telecommunications environment. The fight against anonymous SIM cards has become a priority for the Moroccan government, which is deploying all necessary means for the effective implementation of these new regulations.

In conclusion, this ANRT measure aims to guarantee the security of telecommunications in Morocco and to protect users against the risks associated with the anonymity of SIM cards. Operators have three months to comply with these new rules, otherwise their services will be suspended for unidentified cards.

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