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Raja Casablanca and AS FAR face off this Monday, July 1st at the Grand Stade d’Agadir for the long-awaited final of the Coupe du Trône (2022-2023 season). The stakes are high for both teams, with Raja aiming for a Championship-Cup double, and AS FAR looking to salvage a season that had started well but derailed in the final days.

An exciting duel to follow

The meeting promises to be intense. Raja, newly crowned champion of Morocco, wishes to confirm his superiority by adding this prestigious trophy to his list of achievements. Their run in the championship has already been remarkable, finishing first ahead of AS FAR.

For their part, the AS FAR military have everything to gain by winning this final. After a dazzling start to the season, they collapsed in the final days of the championship. A victory in the Coupe du Trône would be an opportunity to restore their reputation.

Supporters and the bonuses at stake

Supporters from both camps will be present en masse at the Grand Stade d’Agadir, promising an electric atmosphere. The players, motivated by significant bonuses promised in the event of victory, are determined to give their all on the field. Each team knows that this final is the final opportunity to leave their mark on the season.

A referee at the end of his career

Referee Redouane Jiyed will officiate this match, marking his last appearance on the pitch. Known for his impartiality and rigour, his presence ensures a match played in accordance with the rules.

An appointment not to be missed

This duel between Raja and AS FAR will be broadcast live at 5 p.m. on the Arryadia channel, the third channel of the SNRT group. All eyes will be on Agadir for what promises to be a great football spectacle.

The stakes are enormous, and every detail counts. The Rajaouis want to prove that they are the best in Morocco, while the Military want to prove that they deserve their place at the top.

In short, this Throne Cup final between Raja Casablanca and AS FAR is much more than a simple football match. It is a confrontation between two giants of Moroccan football, each with their ambitions, hopes and dreams. Don’t miss this historic meeting, which promises to be rich in emotions and twists and turns.

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