Total Solar Eclipse: Delta offers ‘path of totality’ flights for up-close view, here’s how much it will cost you

The United States is gearing up for April 8 total solar eclipse as millions of people are expected to catch a glimpse of the biggest astronomic event.

Delta will operate two routes: the first will be on an A321neo, which has extra-long windows all the way around, and the second will be on an Airbus A220, the Time Magazine reported.(AFP)

Travellers are willing to spend huge amount to witness the path of totality as a portion of the Earth will go completely dark for about four minutes on the day of total solar eclipse.

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Those living in northern Mexico, northern America, and southeast Canada are lucky enough as these places will fall on the path of totality which is around 185 km.

In the US, the path of totality will begin from Texas and then it will pass through Oklahoma, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, New Hampshire and Maine. People residing in these areas are just required to step out with their safety glasses to see the eclipse.

The cost of travel, accommodation, gasoline, and other expenses will likely be borne by those who are not the residents of these areas or want to witness the up-close view of the eclipse. The travel will surely be worthwhile because the United States will witness another total solar eclipse after 20 years.

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Passengers ready to board Delta Eclipse flight: Know about its fare

While many airlines are expected to offer the view of the eclipse to their passengers, Delta has promised to offer an aerial panorama of the total solar eclipse. Delta will operate two routes: the first will be on an A321neo, which has extra-long windows all the way around, and the second will be on an Airbus A220, the Time Magazine reported.

According to a Delta representative, searches for the eclipse flight path on Delta channels increased by more than 1,500% after it was made official, and seats for both flights, which cost more than $1,000, quickly sold out.

Although the tickets were priced over $1,000, some travellers were able to get a better deal by using Delta’s points program.

As long as air traffic control and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) provide their consent on the day of the flight, a Delta airline intends to make “a series of turns in the area of totality to allow for views from both sides of the aircraft during these flights,” said its spokesperson.

In addition, Delta will give its passengers the ISO-certified viewing glasses to witness the event.

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FAA issues warning about crowded airspace

Meanwhile, the FAA has issued a warning that crowded airspace may lead to air traffic delays, which might cause troubles for viewing plans of eclipse-bound flights. For those who love eclipses, the stakes are very high as flight delays might cause passengers to miss the critical totality period, which lasts for three to five minutes when the Moon completely covers the Sun.

According to a representative for Delta, the company is prepared in case uncontrollable circumstances affect the eclipse flights. The spokesman promises to do everything in their power to make these flights an amazing experience for their customers. “This can include alternative routing and altitudes that our teams coordinate with Delta operations teams on the ground and air traffic control.”

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