Towards New Horizons? 71 Visa-free countries for Moroccans

The Moroccan passport has seen significant progress in the global ranking of passports, according to the “Henley and Partners” index. Now, holders of this document can travel visa-free to 71 countries, reflecting a notable improvement in freedom of movement for Moroccan citizens.

According to data published by “Henley and Partners”, Morocco now occupies 71st place in the global passport rankings for the year 2024. This advance of two places compared to the previous year underlines the country’s continued efforts to facilitate international travel.

71 Visa-free countries for Moroccans

New Accessible Destinations: Visa-free countries for Moroccans

In 2024, Moroccan passport holders have the opportunity to visit 71 countries without a visa, an increase of five destinations compared to the previous year. Here is a list of accessible destinations:

Without Visa Visa on Entry Algeria Bolivia Angola Burundi Barbados Cambodia Belize Comoros Islands Benin Republic of Congo Brazil Djibouti Cape Verde Ethiopia Colombia Guinea-Bissau Cook Islands Indonesia Ivory Coast Iran Dominica Jordan Dominican Republic Laos Ecuador Lebanon Gabon Maldives Grenada Marshall Islands Guinea Mauritania Haiti Mauritius Hong Kong Mozambique Kenya Nepal Macau Nicaragua Madagascar Nigeria Malaysia Palau Islands Mali Samoa Micronesia Seychelles Niger Somalia Niue Tajikistan Oman Tanzania Philippines Timor-Leste Rwanda Tuvalu Sao Tome and Principe Senegal South Korea Sri Lanka Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Suriname Syria The Gambia Togo Tunisia Turkey Vanuatu

Impact on the World Ranking

This progression places Morocco tied with Tunisia and Zambia in 71st place, marking a significant advance in the passport ranking. The country continues to strengthen its international relations and improve the mobility of its citizens around the world.

The ranking established by “Henley and Partners” is based on reliable data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), thus guaranteeing the credibility and accuracy of the results. This international recognition demonstrates Morocco’s sustained efforts to promote international cooperation and facilitate cultural and economic exchanges.

In conclusion, this progression in the world passport ranking reflects Morocco’s commitment to the free movement of people and the promotion of tourism and business on a global scale.

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